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Repletion Products Group.
บริษัท รีพลีชั่น โปรดักส์ กรุ๊ป จำกัด

Repletion Products Group.



About us.

RPG is a leading provider the various kind of products both of local and oversea to serving the industrial and commercial users. We pride ourselves as being a one stop service,offering highly quality products and fully service with on time delivery.We have providing a full range of adhesive tape, EMI shielding Material, Stamping Part, Die cutting part,Insulations and packaging category.


Scope of Our Service By Products.

Insulation, Sponge, Foam, Rubber
AdhesiveTape, Tape
Air Bubble
Screw and washer
Stamping Part, Metal Part, Die cutting part
EMI Shielding Materail
Slitting, Laminating
Plastic Parts



Quality Products by Quality Team.